Fidelio Series

Tesoro CA600VA

Rent this instrument $40.00/mo.

Fidelio Tesoro CA600VA

Select Fine Maple and Spruce.  Professional workmanship.

Outfit includes Case, Bow and Rosin

Available size: 16.5'',16'',15.5'',15'' , 14'',13'',12''

Classical Strings Series


Rent this instrument $45.00/mo.

Classical VA308

Highly popular handmade instrument is perfect for the advanced violist. These violas are products of the most outstanding of craftsmanship in our stringed instruments. Each viola is handmade of deeply flamed maple and carefully selected spruce imported from Europe to create the apex in quality of sound. The wood all dry 5 years.

Outfit includes Case, Bow and Rosin

Available in sizes 16.5", 16", 15.5", 15", 

August F. Kohr K550V

Better, hand-graduated violin with well flamed, seasoned maple back (one or two piece). Medium satin, red-brown to gold-brown finish. Open sound with big projection. Rich, medium tone throughout. Very responsive and easy to play. Ebony Parisian eye pegs and endbutton, Aubert #7 bridge, ebony tailpiece, Guarneri model ebony chinrest. Tonica strings Helicore Strings.

Outfit includes Case, Bow and Rosin

16.5", 16", 15.5", 15" sizes available.