Gemeinhardt 2SPCH Student Flute


Gemeinhardt 2SPCH Student Flute

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Quick Specs

• Silver-Plated Head 

• Silver-Plated Body

• Silver-Plated Keys


The Gemeinhardt 2SPCH student flute provides both a straight and curved headjoint to facilitate comfortable hand positions for players of all ages.

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Brand: Gemeinhardt

Head Finish: Silver-Plated

Head Joint Wall: Standard

Head Joint Shape: Straight + Curved

Head Joint Model: J1

Body Finish: Silver-Plated

Foot Finish: Silver-Plated

Key Finish: Silver-Plated

Key Style: Closed-Hole

Key Arm Style: Y-Arm

Inline / Offset: Offset

Foot Joint Options: C Foot

Skill Level: Student

Case TypeHard-shell: Plastic

Woodwind Cleaning Rod: Plastic

Flute Plugs: No

Warranty: 5 year