Capriccio Series

Fiamma Rossa PD01

Rent this instrument $25.00/mo.


Capriccio Fiamma Rossa PD01

PD01 model violin is made from selected maple and spruce. Solid wood, beautiful flame, one piece back, ebony fingerboard, pegs, and tailpiece, good workmanship.

OUTFIT includes quality wood shell shaped violin case with padded suspension inside, two bow holders, Brazilwood, horse hair bow.

Size available: 4/4, 3/4,1/2,1/4


Johannes Kohr Series


Rent this instrument $40.00/mo.

Johannes Kohr K501

Better violin with one piece nicely flamed maple back. “Step-up” quality instrument with more attention to detail. Ebony pegs and endbutton, French bridge, Glasser tailpiece, side mount chinrest. Outfit includes case and bow. Dominant A, D, & G strings with Pirastro Wondertone Gold E (ball end).

Outfit Includes: Case, Bow and Rosin

4/4 only.


Classical Strings Series

Classical VL80

Rent this instrument $25.00/mo.

Classical 080

Handmade student instrument crafted after the model of Antonio Stradivari, perfect for the beginning to intermediate student. This instrument is carved from one to two pieces, using maple for the back and spruce for the top.  Ebony fittings, fingerboard, chinrest & pegs, carbon fiber tailpiece.Strong, clear Strong.  Varnish: Antique reddish brown

Outfit includes: case, Bow and Rosin

Available in all sizes 4/4-1/8

Capriccio Series

Fuoco CAL01

Rent this Instrument $ 30.00/mo.

Capriccio Fuoco Outfit CAL01

CAL01 model violin is making by hand. The beautiful flaming back and top spruce. One or two piece back, slightly antique varnish, reddish brown color. good workmanship.

OUTFIT Includes:  CP03 light weight oblong violin case, four bow holders and padded suspension inside. Brazil wood bow, horse hair.

Size available: 4/4


Johannes Kohr Series


Rent this instrument $35.00/mo.

Johannes Kohr515

Excellent color shading; red-brown to amber over a gold base. This instrument has an extremely clear voice; big sound potential throughout, yet with a uniquely rich tone quality that remains, even through the E string. An excellent intermediate instrument!

 Outfit includes Case and Bow and Rosin.

 Sizes Available 4/4, 3/4 & 1/2 


Classical Strings Series

Classical VL85

Rent this instrument $30.00/mo.

Classical 085

Highly popular handmade student instrument crafted after the model of Antonio Stradivari, perfect for the intermediate student.  This quality flamed instrument is carved from two pieces, using maple for the back, and Canadian spruce for the top.  Includes: High quality ebony fittings, fingerboard, chinrest & pegs, carbonfiber  tailpiece.  Varnish: Shiny reddish-orange oil based.

Outfit includes:  Case, Bow and Rosin

Violin available in sizes 4/4 - 1/4.