PRIVATE LESSONS are individual instruction between one student and one instructor.  

Each student who participates in private instruction receives one free lesson upon registration. During this lesson, the potential student will be assessed for musical skills, abilities, personality, and barriers to success based upon age-appropriate criteria.  

It is our desire that all who participate in private lessons will succeed; therefore, we consult with the student and parent individually to determine their needs and expectations. We will assist the student in setting realistic, attainable goals that ultimately result in each child's success.       

What Is Success? 

In our opinion, success means growth. Growth as an individual, and growth towards becoming a mature, dependable member of society. Music is the tool by which our students grow. This growth includes caring for and about something beyond themselves, working with others, cultivation of responsibility, patience, persistence, perseverance, how to handle success and failure, and much more.

Isn't Becoming the Next Major Virtuoso True Success?

It is important to recognize that success is not defined as becoming a virtuoso! Not all students will attain virtuosity, and our goal is not to encourage a false sense of hope that a particular student will go on to Julliard or have a career as a musician. Reality suggests that only 10% of students go on to make a full-time living from their musical ability (John Hartmann, music industry Expert/Educator. Virtuosity. June 2009.) However, if your child shows potential, we will encourage their musical growth and support that student and guide their path to success.  

Success is a Team Effort.

When you choose to participate in private lessons, you are part of a team that includes the instructor, the parents, and the student.  Parents are an integral part of the learning process. Therefore, each parent upon registration has a responsibility to the student and their instructor to take an active interest and participate in his or her learning process. Success doesn't just happen. Success is cultivated. It is nurtured. It is encouraged within a loving, positive, and realistic atmosphere.      

Because our teaching is holistic in nature and developed to meet the individual child/family needs, our fees will vary. Rates will be discussed after the initial meeting and instructional package is formulated.

How Do I Register?

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