Cyndi Hall's Music Studio maintains an in-house restoration/repair workshop for all minor repairs, set-ups, re-hairs, and installation of new instrument parts. All major repairs are by written appraisal from our specialist. The staff at Cyndi Hall's Music Studio take pride in offering accurate estimates of repair costs. When you pick up your repair from Cyndi Hall's Music Studio, you can be certain there will be no "surprise" charges waiting for you!

Repairs are completed with high-quality bridges, strings, bow hair, and other professional quality fittings. Contact us for pricing as prices vary based on fittings, parts availability, and luthier's discretion. No work will be done prior to written consent of owner.

Instrument Set-up/Repairs

  • Basic Set-up
  • Professional Set-up
  • Fit Standard Bridge (Based on size)
  • Fit Professional Bridge (Based on size)
  • Reset Sound-post
  • New Sound-post
  • Install Tailpiece Gut
  • Re-glue Fingerboard
  • Resurface Fingerboard
  • Glue Loose Seams (each)
  • New Nut or Saddle
  • Install new Endpin (standard)
  • Refit old Pegs
  • Fit New Peg Set (Price depends on pegs selection Set of 4)
  • Clean & Polish
  • Crack repair
  • Seam Repair
  • bushings

Bow Repairs

  • Re-hair Bow--Fiberglass (some restrictions)
  • Re-hair Bow--Wood or Composite
  • Install Brass Eyelet
  • Fit New Pearl Slide
  • Install Silver Bow Winding
  • Install Nickel plated Winding
  • Install leather grip (leather, pig, lizard, kangaroo)
  • Install Pearl Bow Frog Eye
  • Bow Stick End Bushing
  • Re-camber or Straighten Bow
  • New Plastic Tip
  • New Bone Tip (Mammoth)
  • New Ivory Tip
  • crack repair
  • broken stick repair
  • Fiberglass refurbishing