Thank you for trusting Cyndi Hall's Music Studio for your school instrument rentals. Please complete the following rental form agreement in order to begin the rental process. Once you have completed the agreement below, you can schedule your appointment online at the bottom of this page or any page on our website. We look forward to serving our community once again! If you are having trouble please don’t hesitate to contact us Cyndi and Sharon click here.


I have, on this day rented from Cyndi Hall’s Music Studio Rental Program, the selected items for which I agree to pay on a monthly rental basis plus tax beginning on the day the instrument is received.  I agree to pay a $50.00 non-refundable deposit to secure this rental agreement. I understand that the first months rental is free!  I also understand and agree that 6 months of rental payments made to Cyndi Hall's Music Studio, excluding deposit and tax, may be applied toward the purchase of this instrument or another of equal or greater value provided the instrument is properly maintained, to be determined by owners.  I further agree to maintain and safeguard the instrument from loss or damage while entrusted to me and to indemnify the owners, Cyndi Hall’s Music Studio, against all loss; and further agree to return the instrument upon demand, in its present condition; light wear and tear for use is expected. I understand and agree that the instrument may not be removed from the Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties without the prior written consent of Cyndi Hall’s Music Studio.


Rentals will become available once a $50.00 non-refundable security deposit has been paid.    This deposit waives all fees for servicing your rental instrument and guarantees a replacement instrument of equal value for the duration of the servicing or repair ( parts excluded).  Damage due to negligence or carelessness, damage beyond repair or theft is not included, but renter may choose an optional insurance policy for $7.00 per month - deductible may apply comparable to instrument being rented. Commencing the second month of rental agreement the rent plus tax shall be payable on a monthly basis without proration. All rentals are month-to-month.  

Please choose your basic school instrument rental from the selection below. If you wish to upgrade your instrument to an intermediate or advanced level please contact us directly.
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By checking this box and submitting my digital signature below, I agree to enter into this rental agreement freely and in good faith. I understand that if the rental fee is not received by the monthly due date, a $10.00 late fee will be assessed. After two months on non-payment, if the rental charge continues to be delinquent, I understand and authorize the charge to be placed on the credit card I have left on file plus a 4% processing charge and an additional $10.00 late fee. After three months of non-payment, I understand and authorize my card to be charged for the full retail value of the rental instrument. With my digital signature below, I am acknowledging that I have read and understood this rental agreement in full and have entered freely and in good faith into this rental agreement:
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By entering your name below, you authorize this rental to be processed and your first rental invoice to be sent to the email address listed above (usually within 24 hours). The rental agreement will be complete and binding, and the instrument will be shipped out or available for pick-up, once the initial payment on your first invoice has been received.
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