What is the Superior Strings Rental Program?

Every student's journey into music is unique. Perhaps you're looking to help them test the waters before you jump in and purchase an instrument. Give your child the best shot at developing their own voice with a superior instrument that you rent through our Superior Strings Rental Program. 

What Makes Superior Strings Rentals Different?

Superior Instrument Quality

Learning begins with hearing! But low-quality, internet instruments or instruments that are rented by non-specialized shops consistently provide low-quality sound and performance, discouraging students from exploration and commitment. A string instrument that sings will encourage and facilitate your child’s learning and love for musical expression. 

Superior String Rentals hand-selects the highest quality violins, violas, cellos and basses for our rental fleet. We play every instrument, selecting hand–crafted instruments made with seasoned or aged maple and select spruce for their quality construction, playability, and superior tone. 

Superior Accessories

Once you have a superior string instrument, the bow must perform at a higher level for that instrument to sing its best. Superior String Rentals is committed to selecting bows that are well constructed and demonstrate playability of bowing techniques expected of every performer at every age. 

Rental bows may be hand selected by your teacher upon request.  We offer Brazilwood, Pernambuco, fiberglass, and carbon fiber bows for our rental fleet.

Superior Set-Up

Every instrument and bow is closely inspected and hand-adjusted for quality and performance before they reach the student. Our inspection begins with our selection of instrument. Once in our workshop, the pegs, sound post, bridge, and tailpiece are adjusted for proper fit, and the instrument is once again tested for tone and ease of playing. 

Strings are then selected based on which set can bring out the best from the instrument. Our selection includes Thomastik, D’Addario, Pirastro, Super-Sensitive Pearls, Helicore and more. Teachers may have their favorites as well, and we are happy to accommodate their request for your instrument. 

Bows are inspected, tested, and may be rosined upon request.    

Can Rental Fees Be Applied Towards a Later Purchase?

Superior String Rentals offers a credit equal to the value of (6) months of your monthly rental fee towards the purchase of an instrument of equal or greater value to the one being rented. Under certain circumstances, Superior String Rentals may credit a larger amount of your monthly rental fee toward the purchase of an instrument of greater value. 


How Much Does a Rental Cost Per Month?

Rates are as follows:

STRING INSTRUMENTS Orchestral - all sizes

Violins - $25.00

Violas - $28.00

Cellos - $35.00

Bass - $45.00



Flute - $25.00

Clarinet  - $25.00

Alto Saxophone - $40.00

Tenor Saxophone - $60.00

Oboe - $40.00

Bassoon - $55.00 



Trumpet - $25.00

Trombone - $25.00

Single French Horn - $35.00



 Snare or Bell kit - $20.00

Snare or Bell Kit with Wheels - 25.00


*Ask about our student instrument upgrades.  Rental fees for upgrades are dependent upon instrument of choice and upgraded quality.

**Weekly rentals are also available as well as upgrades at higher rates.  Please call for pricing.

 Rental Agreement

Renting is easy! Please read through the rental agreement completely and contact us with any questions that may arise. Have a parent or guardian print, sign and mail the rental agreement to: Cyndi Hall's Music Studio, 25725 Lewis Way, Stevenson Ranch, California  91381 alone with a $50.00 non-refundable deposit and first months rent.  If you prefer to pay by credit card you may rent directly online through our store.  If this is a school rental or purchase, please pay through our school program page using a severe code.   There is a $50.00 deposit on all instruments to be paid at the time of rental. All subsequent billing will be on a monthly schedule. In addition, a late fee of $10.00/month will be charged for any invoices (5) days past due or later.  To avoid late fees, you may opt for automatic credit card payments for a 4% fee based on your rental amount. 

Once the form is completed, contact our shop to set up your rental!  

The contract may be canceled at any time with no penalty after the first two months. Billing will end after the instrument is returned and found to be in satisfactory condition. Normal wear and tear is expected.

Additional Details

Care and Maintenance of Rental Instruments

Superior String Rentals will provide free of charge any minor adjustments necessary for your instrument to play its best! This includes inspection and adjustments as deemed necessary to pegs, bridge, sound post, tailpiece and chin rest and are considered routine maintenance. All other maintenance and repairs that do not fall under routine maintenance are the responsibility of the renter.

Trade–Up / Exchange Policy

As your student grows, there may be a need to exchange their rental instrument for a larger one. Not a problem, Superior String Rentals will gladly exchange any rental instrument we supply for any reason. It is our desire that every student has an instrument that they love to play and can perform well on! In addition, a teacher may request an exchange based on technical circumstances as the student progresses. Whatever your circumstance, we are here to serve your needs.

Our Guarantee

Superior String Rentals is not in this business simply to rent instruments. Our desire is to build relationships and a musical community that cares. Our commitment to you begins with our hands-on selection of high-quality instruments offered at competitive rates and cultivates our musical community through our personal, professional service and commitment to you. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your instrument rental, or should a problem occur, Superior String Rentals will gladly exchange, repair, adjust or replace the instrument.