Want to make a music teacher's day? Start a Teacher's Wish List! Cyndi Hall’s Music Studio will set up a Teacher Wish List Program for your school or foundation.

What is the Teacher's Wish List Program?

We want to help you give back to teachers. To help you do this, we can set-up a Wish List for the teacher or program of your choosing. Teachers can add instruments, accessories, and other items to their wish list, specify dollar amounts for fundraising goals, and target funding fulfillment dates (four months max). Once the teacher has met their goal amount, funds will be released for purchase and a hand-written note from the students will be sent to all donors.  If a teacher's monitory goal has not been met within the time allotted, the funds within that specific goal time will transfer to another wish list item for the teacher. There is no minimum dollar amount to participate in the “Teacher Wish List Program,” we appreciate every gift given on behalf of donors.